Mobile Top Up /Recharge/Remit/ FAQs


    There is no difference between them, they all mean the same thing with different terminology it is just a method of adding airtime credit to an active prepaid or pay as you go active mobile phone number.

    Mobile Top Up is a kind of fast, simple and reliable way of adding airtime credit to a mobile number for fulfilling communication purpose.

    While visiting our web page, you will find list of services providers with whom we work. Simply choose your preferred telecom operator and you will see the details of promotional offers.

    Nippytopup is the sole proprietor of information collected through its website. We never share, sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing or fulfilling any other purposes. We collect, retain and use the information that is required for monitoring your account. Such information includes your phone number, communicating address, name, email address, etc gathered through an applicable process.

    Once you have purchased the service, the airtime would be credited instantly. If the operator faces some technical issues, then top up would be done within 12 hours at the most. However, you must note that telecom service providers do not send the confirmation message of the recharge sometimes. You should ask the recipient whether the recharge is successful.

    You can recharge any mobile number through Nippytopup, provided it is a prepaid /pay as you go and active number.

    A nominal processing fee would be levied depending on the amount you wish to recharge through our service. In order to learn about the exact processing fee, you can go through the order summary chart before finalizing the deal.

    This issue may occur if the telecom service provider experiences some technical problems. In such scenario, we will repeat the recharging process within 12 hours till the service provider accepts the Top Up order and issues the confirmation message to the recipient.

    The process is short and easy to perform. First, you need to open an account with us. Then you have to fill in an ordering form available in our portal and make submission. You will receive the confirmation through email.

    We always suggest our customers to verify the number of recipient twice, before sending the money. As per our business policy, we do not refund the money once the process it done successfully.

    You can recharge or send money as per your requirements.

    All the awards and bonuses are solely offered by telecom service providers. You can also find their terms and conditions on our web portal.

    If the recipient did not receive such offers, then he or she should get in touch with the telecom service provider.

    The process is carried out through our website only.

    In order to purchase our service, you will have to read all our terms and conditions, and agree to them. Singing the contract means that you are buying our products with your consent.

    To edit any kind of personal detail submitted with us, you will have to log into your account first. With the edit option, make the necessary change and then click the save button.

    Click the ‘Forgot Password’ option in the log in page. Enter the email address you used for registering your account. After you submit your request, you will receive an email that contains the password recovery link. Open the link and follow the instructions accordingly.

    You can keep track of all your transactions by viewing the order history after logging into your account.

    You can make payments through our website safely because we have deployed data protection tools that prevent unauthorized access.

    You can use debit or credit cards having Visa or MasterCard certification.

    We provide 24x7 customer care service. You can reach us with your queries through online chat option, where our well-informed customer care executive would do the needful for you.

    We send emails to our registered users through which they can stay tuned with the latest promotional offers and on regularly basis we have promotional offers available on our website as well as on our app which is available on ios and android.

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